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Social media pays a heartfelt tribute to Stephen Hawking

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The world lost a brilliant mind: Professor Stephen Hawking has passed away at the age of 76. He leaves a huge legacy behind. His contributions to the world, especially to science, are of immeasurable value, without letting his disability stop him. Because of this, and much more, people from all over the world are taking to social media to pay tribute to him in their own way.


1. The Stephen Hawking Foundation lost their founder.


2. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson pays tribute in the most eloquent way.


3. Artists from all over the world share their own sendoffs.


4. NASA remembers him as the Superman he was.


5. We were truly lucky.


6. He meant a lot to his alma mater.


7. People are sharing their favorite photos of Hawking.


8. And they’re sharing their personal stories about him.


9. He meant a lot to the disabled community.


10. BBC News shares some of his best quotes.


11. He left us a lot of important work to study.


12. He was an inspiration to many.


13. His timing is truly astronomical.


14. And finally, let’s not forget he had a brilliant sense of humor.


Rest in peace, Professor Hawking. You will be missed.


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