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Elon Musk just sent a car into space and people are over the moon

3 minuten lezen

Last night, SpaceX did a test launch for its Falcon Heavy rocket. It’s the most powerful rocket on Earth (well, before it took off). It’s a part of founder Elon Musk’s mission to eventually get people to Mars. And with some smooth product integration from Musk, the rocket also carried a Tesla car along with it, and sent it into an orbit around the Sun. It’s safe to say that a lot of minds were blown.


1. It all started with SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket test launch.

2. The launch is a spectacle that is enjoyed by people of all ages.


3. Oh boy, let’s not make that mistake again…


4. It’s inspiring a lot of people, all over the world.


5. The simultaneous landing of the two boosters got people VERY excited.


6. But of course the vapers had to come in and ruin it all.


7. And there it is. Watch Starman’s full live stream here.


8. The car has a fun little detail.



9. Musk chose a poignant song for the launch of the rocket.


10. As if it was meant to be.


11. Whoa. It actually happened.


12. There are obviously plenty of jokes to be made about this.




14. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


15. Just so a certain president knows:


16. There is, of course, a different way of looking at this.


17. Could there be a sinister truth behind Starman?



18. Meanwhile, the car’s orbit made it to Australia.


19. But don’t think the Australian police is going to let Musk off the hook for speeding.


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