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Slippers that look like your pets are now a hit on social media

2 minuten lezen

The company that goes by the name of Cuddle Clones makes products that resemble your pets. It’s truly bizarre to look at, since your favourite pet suddenly walks around your house three times instead of one. We’ve collected some of the best examples for you.


1. The dog itself is also looking a bit startled.

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2. Brothers? Sisters?


3. “Excuse me, but WHO are they?!”


4. It’s hard to recognise the actual pet.


5. Mismatch.


6. Including different collars.


7. So. Many. Whiskers.


8. This doggo looks pretty pleased with these new housemates.


9. Take your pick.


10. Let’s end the cuddly collection with this house full of good boys.


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