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Father turns his children’s drawings into realistic pictures

3 minuten lezen

It’s common knowledge that kids make very special drawings. The Instagramaccount ‘Things I have drawn‘ is focussed on these kind of drawings. Tom is the father of two children called Al and Dom. They draw everything they come across, in a, for them, realistic way. Tom does his very best to turn these drawings into real life pictures. A little photoshop here and there, for a fantastic draw-and-realise pair.


1. We first come across the artists through this drawing:

And if you think: ‘How could this possibly be a realistic drawing?’…


2. These artists clearly like animals.

As realistic as possible.


3. But they’re also more than fine with drawing humans.


4. They also get inspired during holidays.

Although they don’t register as many windows as there actually are.


5. If you ever get annoyed at the noises of seagulls, please think of this drawing.

Because you don’t see these kinds of seagulls often.


6. These artist also enjoy Eastern. 


7. The kids draw what they see.

And we also see these things now.


8. A little water doesn’t stop them.


9. The beloved father plays tennis.


10. Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No, it’s not!


11. Coming across a wild bear is scary enough as it is…

But this grizzly really makes the experience even worse.


12. Chicken… chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken.


13. Prepare for the Christmas holidays!

Because you might come across this Santa Claus.

Including a reindeer or two.


14. If you were wondering how these art pieces come to life…


15. The American President looks a bit different now.


16. And they even appear in a music video!


17. Sometimes one drawing can be so much more than just one reality.

For example… about four different ones.


18. Sometimes half a face is enough.


19. One happy little family, the two child-artists and the father, together in an egg container.

They’re just right, aren’t they?


20. Ah, the Statue of Liberty!

Although it could possibly also be the queen of England.


21. What a cute doggo.


22. We’re going to end this article with three jolly animals, that all look somewhat like a date after about three beers.


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