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How this man was able to go to a wedding he wasn’t invited to

3 minuten lezen

Sometimes you just can’t invite éveryone to you wedding. You can, however, propose something ridiculously funny and see how it turns out. A guy named Erik didn’t make the cut, but got another proposition for him to join the party nonetheless. He tells his story in this Twitter thread.


1. Hey, at least it’s an option.

So Erik starts telling how this situation started to unfold to the hilarious reality.


2. Erik just wants to grant Marvin’s biggest wish.


3. Gotta act casual at first.


4. Surprise!


5. You can’t judge his determination.


6. Chug! Chug! Chug!


7. Introducing: Very. Drunk. Clown.


8. Someone, call the police!


9. Worth losing your wine for.


10. That’s one hell of a checklist.


11. We’re so glad you made those pictures.


12. Let’s sum this beautiful wedding up with this perfect picture. Clown on, friend.


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