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The American internet is on fire during the Nike outrage and the tweets are priceless

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Nike has caused a lot of controversy in the USA, by making NFL player Colin Kaepernick the new face of their ‘Just Do It’ campaign. The athlete started the #TakeAKnee movement in 2016 as a protest against police violence towards American people of colour. By kneeling down when the National Anthem is played pre-match. Colin’s actions are also considered to be a protest against Trump, and a lot of NFL-players have followed his example. Ever since the announcement of the collaboration between Colin and Nike, there’s been an outrage full of protesting reactions. Trump followers all seem to burn their Nike products, but the Internet seems to be on fire aswell.


1. Colin announced the collaboration on his Instagram.



2. So people start to protest by burning their Nike products.


3. Or by cutting out Nike logo’s. Just do it.


4. Let’s just hope this isn’t true.


5. All of the commotion and emotions goes along with multiple viral tweets.


6. This is what a lot of people are thinking.



7. How would Nike take this all in?


8. This could be fairly accurate (sound on).



9. Same effect.


10. A sarcastic shoutout by Brian.


11. What to do?!


12. Time to get some free shoes.



13. Ryan will have to find other socks for his handy hobby.


14. Lastly, Jim hopes that there won’t be any Colin condoms anytime soon.



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