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Sixt car rental UK reacts to criticasters by stepping on the gas under own video

2 minuten lezen

Car rental company Sixt UK is asking for attention with their newest campaign video. They warn you by saying: ‘if you are easily offended, don’t turn on your sound‘, but it’s probably just to get the comment section going. They fire back at the wanted comments rapidly.


1. It’s all about this #CryBaby video by Sixt UK, with over 3 million views currently.


2. Kev tries to bash the BMW, but Sixt isn’t impressed.


3. BMW-drivers don’t seem to be very populair.

Just to be clear:


4. However, the Sixt-employee is.


5. But not by everyone..


6. At least we can conclude that they’ve got their attention. Both due to the video and the comments.


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