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Samuel L. Jackson makes a statement on Twitter with Dutch satirical video about the US gun problem

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Back in October, the Dutch satirical news show Zondag Met Lubach (Sunday with Lubach) created a video about the many gun deaths in the United States. The clip about America’s Nonsensical Rifle Addiction (NRA), went viral. Now, after the horrific school shooting in Florida, the video has resurfaced thanks to a very famous actor’s Twitter feed…


1. Let’s begin with the video itself, which was posted back in October of 2017. 


2. The video really hits the mark.


3. And, ironically…

4. Mr. Jackson shares it a few months later.


5. And adds his own message a little later.


6. Arjen Lubach himself notices, of course.



7. Lubach is having a good 24 hours anyway, since he even got a shout out from God.


8. Katie Couric can confirm this.


Anyway, thanks to Samuel L. Jackson, it’s the Netherlands first once more.


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