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Recently deceased Holly (27) goes viral with her life advice in her goodbye letter

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Australian woman Holly was only 27 when she passed away a couple of days ago, after a battle with bone cancer. In her final months she had an outlook on life with a rare perspective, leading her to write this letter to virtually everybody. Her emotional message went viral all over the world, and after reading it, you’ll understand why.


1. This is the message her friends posted after her passing.


2. And this is the final message from Holly herself.


3. ‘Note before I die.’


4. There’s problems, and then there’s problems.


5. ‘Be ruthless for your own well-being.’


6. Just give.


7. Family is the real present.


8. You won’t truly feel your greatest experiences through your screen.


9. Eat. The. Damn. Cake.


10. Care about your fellow humans, and put some energy into that.


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