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People are outraged over this video of airline employees fighting a passenger

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Last month, employees of Indian airline Indigo got into a heated argument with a passenger who wasn’t allowed on a passenger bus at Delhi Airport. Now, a video of the incident has been released, and people are outraged.

1. This is the video of the incident. Fair warning: it gets pretty intense.

Indigo, India’s United Airlines!

Posted by Sampath Kumar on Tuesday, 7 November 2017


2. People are quickly condemning the Indigo employees.


3. Most people want actions to be taken against them.


4. Of course Indigo noticed the incident and the outrage, so they responded.


5. Not everyone solely blames the airline employees, though.


6. Maneesh and Sampath don’t agree with Ramesh’s reading of the situation.


7. Ramesh has given the situation a lot of thought.


8. More people are keen to look at both sides of the argument.


9. Habib saw this all coming.


10. Others also put blame with the other passengers, but Sampath has a pretty solid explanation of why they didn’t help.


11. Debajit sees a different purpose for the violent behavior.


12. Lastly, the fans of other airlines show they prefer punchlines over punches.

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