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People everywhere are cleaning their surroundings thanks to #trashtag challenge

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The #Trashtag became a worldwide phenomenon in just a few days thanks to this post on reddit, and started trending all over the internet. The idea of the challenge behind the hashtag is to post before-and-after photos of an area in nature that desperately needs cleaning, and to motivate others to do the same thing. So next time you see some trash in places it shouldn’t be, don’t hesitate to do something about it; these people didn’t.


1. The hashtag actually started in 2015 ago, as an initiative from the American company UCO.


2. But then, three days ago, this post popped up.


3. The hashtag suddenly bloomed to life.


4. Soon after the pictures started flooding in.


5. People show how much can be done in little time.


6. From India to Washington, everyone is playing their part.


7. Even age doesn’t matter when it comes to the environment.


8. These kinds of changes are amazing to see.

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Присоединяемся к челленджу #trashtag , фото с уборки 9.09.18 года. Фоток с конкретного места «до и после» почти нет, но мы это исправим. Перед летом пойдём вешать таблички с призывом «не мусорить», а также убирать то, что люди накидали за зиму. ⠀ Публикование фото-результатов в социальные сети может очень мотивировать многих людей к уборке мусора на природе. Отличный челлендж! ⠀ Join the challenge #trashtag, photo from the cleaning 09/09/18. There are no pictures from one particular place “before and after”, but we will change this, when the snow melts. ⠀ Publishing photos of the results in social networks can motivate many people to scavenge in nature. Great Challenge!

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9. Finally, let’s hope that this challenge goes on for a very long time.


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