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These people in the comments share bizarre pictures, because it happened

The internet is filled with people telling strange stories nobody would believe were true if they didn’t show any evidence: “Pics or it didn’t happen” moments. After Bored Panda shared an article filled to the brim with pictures that prove stories that would otherwise be hard to believe, people took it upon themselves to share their own in the comments.


1. It all started here.


2. It prompted people to share their own odd pics, like the one of this very fertile mama duck.


3. All the way across the sky…


4. They’re not all as impressive as people think.


5. Lori, Jordan… pics, or it didn’t happen. Get with it.


6. This takes some serious talent.


7. Even squirrels go nuts for donuts.


8. Meep meep.


9. Potatoes deserve happiness, too.


10. So that’s how Twitter got its logo.


11. Not to be a dick, but what’s the problem here exactly?


12. And this restaurant looks like shit.


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