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People care so little for this Kylie Jenner article they start sharing pictures of their pets

2 minuten lezen

Last week the news broke that Kylie Jenner had a huge negative impact of Snapchat’s value with one simple tweet. For a bunch of people, like Kylie’s fans and Snapchat’s shareholders, this was huge news. For others, well, not so much.


1. Among many outlets, Unilad reported on the story.



2. A lot of people are reacting rather sourly.


3. But just so you know…


4. But then the commenters decided they don’t care about the article, and just want to share more important things.


5. Let’s face it, this is a lot more fun to see.


6. Soon enough, it was raining cats and dogs.


7. Tamanna felt left out, so she decided to digitally kidnap someone else’s pets.


8. People are joining in just because.


9. Whether the pets agree with this remains to be seen.


10. At least this one sure doesn’t.


11. And Habib just wants to show off his dog, because he’s fly.


This is how you turn your negative energy into something positive.


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