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People are trolling Snapchat’s support bot with hilarious results

2 minuten lezen

“Thanks for reaching out. We’re happy to help.”


1. Snapchat was dealing with problems in their app.


2. Robin doesn’t want an automated response, so he decides to test Snapchat. It’s safe to say they didn’t pass.


3. Scott quickly figured out what was going on.


4. That’s when the real fun started.


5. It was bound to happen.


6. This is just a good question, really.


7. Just to show you that it works with literally anything, as long as you use “streak” and “lost”


8. Mikey’s tragic story gets a less than empathetic response.


9. Masha couldn’t stand to see the message anymore, but…


10. Yeah.

Well played, robot.


Thanks for the tip, Niek!


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