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People are losing it over this bizarre cat in a Renaissance painting

3 minuten lezen

The devil’s in the details.


1. A Twitter user was admiring this beautiful flower painting when she noticed something truly bizarre.



2. Yeah, it’s very impressive, but wow…


3. Let’s take a closer look at this thing.


4. Clearly.



5. How. Did. This. Happen.


6. This could be an explanation for the monstrosity.



7. Obviously, people have other examples.


8. What a beaut.


9. Not entirely sure why this one was added to the thread. That’s just a regular cat.


10. Oh no.


11. It didn’t matter if it’s cats or dogs, they all looked terrible.


12. And obviously: people are turning the poor catman into a meme.


But don’t worry, we found the real cat and it’s actually a very accurate portrait.


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