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Netflix employees made their adorable cats watch a catastrophic scene from Stranger Things

3 minuten lezen

Pets watching television can be a hilarious thing to watch. That’s what a couple of Netflix employees also must have thought when they decided to show a specific scene from Stranger Things to their unsuspecting cats…


1. This is how the cats respond to the not very cat-friendly scene:


2. The video is not very well received in the cat community.


3. To be fair, Chaucer is kind of a pussy.


4. Not all cats can be bothered, though.


5. Not sure how to tell you this, Manda… but that’s not a cat.


6. Cat lovers don’t like this type of stuff either.


7. Not everyone understands why cat people are upset about this.



8. Mystery solved.


Next time you’re watching that Stranger Things scene, just distract your cat.

funny cat GIF


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