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Netflix is causing a lot of outrage with trailer of new ‘fat shaming’ series

3 minuten lezen

As Netflix puts it, the story of their new series Insatiable is ‘full of crazy shit’. However, after dropping the trailer on social media there seem to be some mixed reactions, to put it mildly. Since the internet is a perfect place to judge and share opinions, see the trailer and judge for yourself.

1. Meet Debby.


2. People seem to be getting excited already.


3. But this mood doesn’t really reflect the whole audience seeing this.


4. And it becomes clear why really fast.


5. While Savannah is taking the stage, a lot of people agree and amen to that preach.


6. Her bottom line: ‘what the actual fuck, Netflix?’


7. It is safe to say, the discussion is in full gear.



8. Maya is here to blow minds.


9. So, is it that deep?


10. Alyssa Milano, who stars in the show, has reacted to all the criticism.



11. Either way, it looks like Twitter is taking their own revenge before the first episode even started. 

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