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NASA asks the internet to explain these patterns on Mars

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Ever since it was founded, NASA has been busy with unraveling the mysteries of the universe. Sometimes they don’t have the time to look into their discoveries. That’s where the internet comes in. Surely that’ll only get them serious suggestions… right?


1. Here’s NASA’s picture showing some odd patterns on the surface of Mars.


2. Someone had to do it.


3. Because, let’s face it…


4.Star Wars fan Andrew knows who we can definitely rule out.


4. Another one struck from the list.


5. Honestly… not a bad guess.


6. Whoa, turns out he did some weird stuff before they rescued him.


7. Molly, however, does have a serious theory.


8. Benjamin does, too… oh no, never mind.


9. But Nia, how can you be so sure there have never been any garbage cans on Mars?


10. And more importantly, how did NASA get their hands on it?


11. This makes more sense.


12. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve figured it out. 


Thanks for the tip, Lex!


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