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National Geographic wants you to caption this unbearably funny picture

3 minuten lezen

One of the things National Geographic is most known for, is their incredible nature photos. Because their own photographers can’t catch everything, they have their “Your Shot” initiative, where everyone can send in their own amazing images. That’s how they came across this picture of a very friendly looking bear…


1. National Geographic noticed this photo by Kevin Dietrich in their photo submissions and knew this would be perfect for a caption contest.


2. Of course the puns come flowing in.


3. Some are beautifully subtle.


4. If only…


5. Mila knows her classics.


6. When you’re an alien dressed up as a bear…


7. Susan coming in hot with the legal puns.


8. Hi Ted.


9. Every time.


10. So awkward.


11. Someone needs to fire this moose.


12. This list would obviously not be complete without a Yogi Bear reference.


13. But in the end, it’s Jordan who takes home the honey pot.


Thanks for sticking around until the beary end.

Thanks for the tip, Lex!


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