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Muggel rewrites Harry Potter chapter and saves fan favorite

It is no secret that the author of Harry Potter sacrificed quite a few lives to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named by the end of the saga. However, there was one particular death that hit the fan base the hardest. In the depths of the Mugglenet, someone corrected J.K. Rowling’s biggest mistake and the post went viral!

+++ Spoilers ahead! +++


1. On his 11th birthday, Harry Potter received a snow-white owl from his friend Hagrid.


2. Over the years, Hedwig became Harry’s most loyal companion.


3. That is until J.K. made Voldermort kill her in the last book.💔
Out of courtesy to our readers, we decided not to display the traumatic scene.


4. This crime against humanity was now reverted.
And even completely without the help of Hermione’s ominous time-turner!


5. The new version turns into a huge success and goes viral!


6. Fans want justice for several other characters.
The list is almost as long as the fifth book: Dobby, Snape, Sirius, Fred, Remus…


7. Even J.K. Rowling seems to regret her decision by now.


8. Warner Brothers has yet to comment on our question, whether they plan to reshoot the last movie.
Fly Hedwig, you are free now.


Thanks, Ursula for the tip!


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