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Man complains about chicken he bought, but ends up getting roasted himself

3 minuten lezen

Sometimes when you feel like you need to complain to a company about their products, it’s good to sleep on it and see if it’s really necessary…


1. John found something in a chicken fillet he bought at Morrisons.


2. He brought a visual. Also – not sure why he keeps an open container with raw chicken meat next to his dinner.


3. Morrisons is apologetic.


4. But other people don’t think that’s really necessary.


5. Tanieth a few questions and a hot tip for John.


6. John feels like he needs to address people’s concerns.


7. John doesn’t seem to know what moaning is – nor when Coronation Street airs in the UK.


8. Hatty feels the need to defend John, and takes quite a dark turn.


9. Marcus doesn’t really get what John is whining about.


10. Ashleigh coming in hot with some spicy jokes.


11. The trolling and roasting is taking its toll on John.


12. And finally John’s coworker has a bone to pick with him.


We now go back to our live feed of John…

season 6 chicken GIF


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