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It’s a Prince: Royal baby fever takes over social media

3 minuten lezen

It’s a boy!


1. It started this morning, when the official Kensington Palace account announced that Kate is going into labor.


2. The press gathered across the street from the hospital once again.


3. This would make it a truly special day.


4. To some, it’s a welcome distraction.


5. Some people are caught off guard by this news.


6. While for others, it’s quite the opposite. 



7. The timing is slightly awkward.


8. It’s worth a shot, guys.


9. People having their baby on the same day, made the moment extra special.


10. While it’s always a big media circus, for some it’ll never be enough.


11. For all the cool people who ‘don’t care’ about the baby, remember…



12. Poor Roy.


13. And then, the moment arrived – and so did William and Kate’s son.


14. The announcement at the hospital is… quite something.


15. He just can’t catch a break.



16. Ryanair saw a pun and went for it.


17. Huge if true.


18. It’s a weird name, but it does make sense.


19. And if Kanye or Palace won’t work, Innocent has a few more fitting suggestions.


Congratulations, Kate and William!


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