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The internet assembles to lose its collective mind over the new Avengers trailer

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Fans of superhero movies from all around the world are going nuts at the moment. The reason? The newest trailer for the upcoming Marvel movie Avengers: Infinity War just dropped. People are having feelings. A lot of feelings.


1. The new trailer for Avengers: Infinity Wars is here.


2. The trailer is INTENSE.


3. Marvel fans immediately started throwing shade at their ‘enemies,’ DC Comics.


4. A lot of fan favorite characters are getting hurt.


5. People are getting worried.


6. And there’s nothing they can do about it.


7. The trailer has already claimed its first victim.


8. Even Chris Pratt’s mind is blown, and he’s in it.


9. TMI, JM.


10. Apparently, 67(!!!) characters is not nearly enough for Saikat.


11. There’s a lot of analysis going on.


12. Liz spotted a huge, magical cameo.


13. But it’s not the cutest one.


Hold on just a little bit longer, Marvel fans… April 27 is almost here.


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