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The first trailer for ‘Venom’ is out, and the reactions are full of, well… Venom

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It’s a not a bad time to be a comic book movie fan. Yesterday the new trailer for Deadpool 2 dropped, and next week Black Panther will be released in theaters. Sony thought this would be a good time to drop the teaser trailer for another hotly anticipated Marvel movie: ‘Venom,’ starring Tom Hardy. The reactions are probably not what they were hoping for…


1. Watch the teaser trailer here and judge for yourself.


2. A lot of people are slightly disappointed with what they saw.


3. Because, well…

4. People are seeing a flop coming…


5. It’s hard to describe, really.


6. Accurate.


7. We, however, got an exclusive look at what Tom Hardy looks like as Venom:


8. It is a bit confusing.


9. He was in the Spider-Man 3 teaser, but not in the one for his own movie.


10. This *may* have something to do with it.


11. At least people are already looking forward to seeing more Tom Hardy.


12. But really.


13. Now THAT would be a twist.


14. Like it or not, it’s still a good week for fans of comic book movies.

15. At least there’s this.


16. And finally, for some perspective…

shock wow GIF


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