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Innocent Drinks get people in the holiday spirit with their 12 Rules of December

3 minuten lezen

December is finally here and the holiday season has officially started. But what do we need to help make sense of it all? A comprehensive set of rules, of course.


1. Thankfully, Innocent has taken it upon themselves to share these rules with us all.


2. Rule #6 is very specific.


3. Just try buying deodorant and shower gels separately – it cannot be done.


4. It’s not like they made the rules.


5. Innocent does like a rebel.


6. Every. Single. Time.


7. Too true.


8. Karen puts her own spin on the rules, and Innocent respects her for it.


9. What a coincidence.


10. No pressure.


11. This is just great advice.


12. Whoa, an actual celebrity in the comments.


13. So that’s where they got the idea…


14. Agreed.


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