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Influencer photoshops herself to Paris and Instagram has its way with it

2 minuten lezen

Why fly all the way to Paris if you can just photoshop yourself in front of the Eiffel Tower? That’s not exactly what the Swedish influencer Johanna Olsson thought, but this was the message her followers received. As her photo editing skills are…let’s say rather mediocre, they immediately uncovered the fail and now she was even asked to explain herself on national television… She has an explanation though.


1. This is Johanna Olsson, she is specialized in paid content about clothes and makeup. 💁


2. Her newest Instagram posts show her in Paris, the city of light.


3. But you can even spot the funny mistakes in her photo editing attempt in the dark.
The best part is the missing umbrella in the background. đŸ¤Ļ‍♀ī¸


4. People from all over the world congratulate her on those mad photoshop skills. 👏


5. The Influenca-Failetta uses the story function on Instagram to face the haters and explain her side of the story.
As it turns out, Johanna has actually been to Paris. The perfectionist simply wasn’t satisfied with the real pictures that she took. 😜


6. This is where things get tricky: She couldn’t even delete the pictures off Instagram because those were paid partnerships with brands. 😱


7. Of course Johanna ended up as a viral meme.
Fans and followers even sent her to the moon and back.


Johanna already follows us on Instagram, how about you? 😜

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