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Greggs’ new makeover gives their customers food for thought

Ah, Greggs. A staple of British high-streets, well known for their greasy sausage rolls and bacon sandwiches. But recently they thought they’d try something a bit more high-class, to the surprise of a food festival…


1. Disguised as “Gregory and Gregory”, the company tried its new summer menu on the foodies.


2. Some people love the new name.


3. Others see it as a betrayal.


4. Greggs is quick to reassure her.


5. Of course, it could be witchcraft…


6. Ollie thinks it sends a powerful message.


7. Speaking of posh vibes…


8. Or are they just being posh themselves?


9. Greggs say otherwise


10. Of course, it could all be fake.



11. Dude they eat some salad, it’s not like they’re faking a moon landing.


12. But hey, at least he’s heard of them.


Just remember the essentials and you can be posh as you like!


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