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Googly eyes make everything better and this is all the proof you need

Googly eyes are a customer favorite in every arts and crafts store, and for a good reason. They instantly improve everything, and the following photos confirm this:


1. That baby looks really shocked.


2. As does this UNO machine about what’s coming out of its mouth.



3. Ever need to look awake when you want to take a quick nap?



4. What A Wonderful Award.


5. At least it will remind you to clean out the garbage.



6. We have to agree with Allison on this one.


7. A really funny (and really adorable) solution to many problems.


8. You can practically hear this lamppost yelling.



9. Everybody should always have some googly eyes on them.



10. This must be a very special breed of hamster.


11. Making art even better.


12. Does that taste good?



13. Pampers seems to be trying a new marketing tactic.


14. Some people really have a lot of dedication.


15. And finally, googly eyes even come in handy with natural disasters.

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