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Girl keeps surprising her dad with a confetti cannon and goes viral with a bang

2 minuten lezen

Playing pranks on your parents can be very entertaining. That’s what Kylie Moy thinks as wel. She followed her dad around with a confetti canon for weeks. It was well worth it, especially when you see his reactions…


1. Watch the hilarious video here:


2. Dad has a catchphrase.


3. It’s entertaining every single time somehow.


4. Kylie reveals her tactics on Twitter.


5. And her very obvious goal has been revealed as well.


6. Her dad gained a lot of new fans because he’s such a good sport about it all.


7. Not every dad would’ve kept his cool like this.


8. Though he is getting a little bit threatening at the end…


9. The most important question remains…


10. Mystery solved.


11. It most certainly was.


Watch out, Kylie, he knows what you’re up to now…


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