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Deal with it: these Yanny vs Laurel jokes are all correct

3 minuten lezen



1. Here it is. The soundbyte that broke the internet and people’s brains.


2. It’s driving people insane.



3. Daniel got it.


4. You have a slighty different experience of this meme if you’re, well, deaf.


5. Well, this was to be expected.


6. Sports teams got in on it as well, and they somehow got different results.


7. The Utah Jazz just gets it all out of the way in one single tweet.


8. People named Laurel must be so thrilled with this meme.


9. Even your navigation system has been affected.


10. It’s ending relationships.


11. Downside: people will only hear half the name.


12. It’s already costing human lives.


13. At least you can’t hear one of them.


14. Damn it, NO.


15. Science.



16. Damn it, WHICH IS IT?!


17. But, finally, the truth:



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