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This Australian barista finally explains the difference between a flat white and a latte

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The list of different kinds of coffee drinks seems to get longer by the day. So much so that some specialties are difficult to tell apart. The difference between a latte and a flat white is a prime example of this. Fortunately, an Australian barista working at Foundry Artisan Coffee Indooroopilly in Brisbane is happy to explain.


1. It’s a mystery many people don’t know the answer to, to the delight to this Australian barista.


2. Another barista chimes in to assure you that there definitely is a difference.


3. But finally, we get the answer coffee lovers have been waiting for: the actual difference between the two drinks.


4. It’s the answer the people have been waiting for.


5. And now they want more.


5. In case you missed it, David sums it up for you.


Mystery solved.


Thanks for the tip, Jacqui!


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