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Artist Dave Pollot inserts pop culture icons into secondhand paintings

Sometimes you can find really nice works of art in thrift stores and at flea markets. However, they may need a little upgrade. Artist Dave Pollot gives his secondhand art a pop culture makeover. He shows his work off on his Instagram, which is definitely worth a follow, as you’ll see below.


1. Pollot crumbles a lot of fun little details throughout his works.


2. Try not to destroy the flowers, guys.


3. It’s hard to image that this wasn’t always Bert.


4. He often shows his work in progress.


5. The result of his paintings is usually pretty magical.

Wingardium Leviosa! #harrypotter #parody

A post shared by Dave Pollot Art (@davepollotart) on


6. They’re truly everywhere.


7. Pow!

Holy repurposed thrift art #batman!

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8. They could probably use a nice coat of paint with all that snow, Dave.


9. Pollot’s work will turn your frown Upside Down.

So close… Who's ready?? #strangerthings

A post shared by Dave Pollot Art (@davepollotart) on


10. The finished works are simply beauties.


It’s amazing how these things get so much better with an extra splash of paint.


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