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Geslaagde fundraisers vol kunst laten de kracht van social media zien

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De kracht van social media wordt nog weleens vergeten. Zeker in vreemde tijden zoals deze is het soms lastig om positieve posts te filteren. Toch zijn er genoeg mensen die laten zien hoe mooi social media kunnen zijn. Kate, een Amerikaanse kunstenares, is een van deze mensen. Dit jaar heeft ze meer dan 5000 dollar opgehaald voor goede doelen met behulp van haar kunst. Door haar lijntekeningen aan te bieden via Instagram voor een zacht prijsje, met de belofte al het ingezamelde geld te doneren aan het aangekondigde goede doel, zijn haar fundraiser-acties groter geworden dan ze ooit had durven hopen.


1. Het begon allemaal met een fundraiser voor verschillende COVID-relief funds; van hulp voor zorgpersoneel tot het steunen van een bedrijf in nood.

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✨CHEAP COMMISSION FUNDRAISER FOR COVID✨ **3,576 raised!!!!** COMMISSIONS CLOSED I'm beyond excited at what we've been able to accomplish. I really never thought I would raise more than 100$, and it would all be from friend donations, but I'm proud to say I've had friends and strangers from all over the world reach out. From Boston, Boulder, Portland, and Seattle to Canada, France, the UK, China, and Australia, people are reaching out and donating. We sent: 1. 1,006$ to Partnership With Native Americans. A nonprofit that provides PPE to front line workers across 67 remote reservations. http://www.nativepartnership.org/site/PageServer?pagename=pwna_who_we_are 2. 1,407$ to Colorado Mountain Horse Rescue. The 501c3 horse rescue the Colorado Mountain Ranch runs. A Native family-owned business that I have known and loved for years, that is struggling due to potentially losing their summer season with the stay at home orders. https://www.coloradomountainhorserescue.org/?fbclid=IwAR1V8C8LKv9VQxEHkOH6hHaDI0I4XIGVPH-xh21LygaZja0GyCnDxc6v5l8 3. 1,176$ to Asian Counseling and Referal Services here in Seattle. A local, nonprofit, Asian run food bank that caters to Asian diets. ACRS also promotes social justice, helping Asian and Pacific Islander refugees, immigrants and American born citizens with elderly services, child and youth development, immigration and much more. In light of COVID, they have also been helping Asians who have experienced COVID related racism. https://acrs.org/ To see all the portraits and for more information check out my instagram page https://www.instagram.com/kmjys_art/ My Venmo is Katherine-saylor-3 or PayPal is katesaylor15@gmail.com

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2. De fundraiser werd eerst door vrienden gedeeld, maar belandde toen al gauw bij mensen buiten Kate’s directe kring.


3. De massale steun die ze kreeg maakte het mogelijk om meer dan één doen te steunen.

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‼️COVID COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED‼️swipe for details and Q+A. DM me a photo and this time please pay up front *3$ per photo* My goal is 600$ and I will close covid commissions immediately after. DONATIONS will goto ACRS: Asian Counseling and Referral Service. Local Seattle Asian food bank AND social justice and empowerment 501c3 foundation. @acrsnews • (My normal commissions will remain open, check the commissions highlights for details and prices)• • Recap: – 1,006$ sent to PWNA: partnership with Native Americans: getting PPE to over 250,000 frontline native workers across 67 reservations. – 1,407$ sent to CMHR: Colorado Mountain Horse Rescue: a native owned 501c3 extremely close to my heart

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4. Een groot succes.


5. Ook maatschappelijke problemen worden door Kate besproken.

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Omg. 4th times the charm trying to post this. Been thinking a lot about Ahmaud’s murder. It took 2 months, a viral video, and public outrage for his murderers to be arrested. I won’t be sharing the video and I urge people to stop. As a mentor of mine posted: “Black death is NOT entertainment. Black death does not need sensationalism. If you feel a way, consider how you contribute to Black Death directly, indirectly, or through silence which = implied consent. Resolve to do better. Black people don’t need a reminder of what we been tellin y’all.” • • • Black lives matter. They have always mattered. The #sayhername movement strives to bring awareness to the black women (and men) who have died due to police brutality and anti black violence. In light of the viral video, the many viral videos of black men and women being beaten and killed, and recently the videos of black communities being beat for being on their porches while white communities are being handed masks by police – my new series is coming. Say Their Names. I won’t be silent and have any implied consent to this violence. #sayhisname #ahmaudarbery #blacklivesmatter

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6. Overigens is ze ook gewoon enorm getalenteerd.


7. Met de opmars van de Black Lives Matter protesten besloot Kate een nieuwe fundraiser te starten.

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GEORGE FLOYD WAS MURDERED. On May 26th, George Floyd was murdered by a white police officer, Derek Chauvin. Chauvin kneeled on George Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. This was after Floyd was wrongly accused of using a bad check at a deli. His murder was filmed while 7 other officers stood around doing NOTHING. Floyd’s last words were “I can’t breathe”. Say his name. Learn his story. Black lives fucking matter. • • FUNDRAISER: donations will be made to the Minnesota Freedom Fund (@mnfreedomfund) and Black Visions Collective (@blackvisionscollective) DM me a photo and for 3$ I will turn it into line art similar to the COVID fundraiser. • • We’ve already raised 500$ in less than 24 hours. Thank you. • • Venmo: katherine-saylor-3 (phone is 6141) • • Paypal: katesaylor15@gmail.com

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8. En ook deze actie bleef niet ongezien.


9. Met weer een overweldigende hoeveelheid donaties.

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1,017$ raised in 3 days!• • 1. 501$ to the Minnesota Freedom Fund: Helping to pay the bail bonds of those arrested in protests against police brutality. (*I understand that the MFF is white owned, when I started the fundraiser, that was the foundation I had seen the most online, and had "advertised". Both the MFF and I acknowledge that there are black owned foundations that deserved the money, so the continuing donations went to Black Visions collective.) • • 2. 516$ to the Black Visions Collective: An organization dedicated to Black liberation and to collective liberation. BLVC is committed to a long term vision in which ALL Black lives not only matter, but are able to thrive.• • BLACK LIVES FUCKING MATTER. If your blood isn’t boiling it fucking should be. White supremacists are taking these peaceful protests and turning them violent. They are leaving bricks out and water bottles full of gasoline ahead of marches. The police are using police brutality in the peaceful protests PROTESTING police brutality. BLACK LIVES FUCKING MATTER. • • Thank you to everyone for donating. I'm am incredibly proud that we've raised this much money so fast. Black lives fucking matter. • • **The fundraiser is closed, unfortunately I could only keep it open for a few days. However there are loads of places that still need donations.

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10. De documentaire over misbruik binnen het Amerikaanse gymnastiekteam resulteerde ook in een serie kunstwerken.


11. En ook deze serie maakte weer veel indruk.


12. Met het succes van de vorige fundraisers nog in het achterhoofd startte ze een nieuwe actie voor het bestrijden van de bosbranden in Californië.

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Fundraiser OPEN: CHEAP COMMISSIONS FOR FIRE RELIEF• • 3$ personalized line arts, all donations are being send for fire relief aid!• • I finally found an org! Puente de la Costa is the only community resource center for San Mateo County South Coast communities of Pescadero, La Honda, Loma Mar, and San Gregorio. Puente advocates for their diverse Hispanic communities. They promotes the values of self-determination, self-sufficiency, social justice, and commitment to our natural environment, collective history, heritage, and community. They help their community members through education, youth employment, housing, medical care, transportation, and food security.• • When the donation is made it will go towards their specific Fire Relief Fund. • • (While Don’t Shoot PDX and Fires Ignite the Spirit are great, I couldn’t verify the official fire fund online anywhere and when I reached out to the organizer he only sent back the PayPal. All the places I send the money are and have been directly to the 501c3 orgs.)

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13. En voor de derde keer op rij werd bewezen hoe krachtig social media zijn.


14. Want wederom werd er een flink bedrag gedoneerd aan een goed doel.

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370$ raised! All donations going directly to @mypuente Puente de la Costa community center in San Mateo county supporting those affected by these west coast wildfires. @mypuente help bring education resources, employment, medical care, transportation, food security and housing. • • These natural distastes – the pandemic, the fires in Australia and now the west coast US are all happening because of climate change. Things aren’t going to get better until large actions take place. The biggest thing we can do it to vote out the Cheeto this next term. The Scientific American hasn’t endorsed a presidential candidate for 175 years. The 2020 election is a matter of life and death and there is no room to not vote or vote third party. Anything except a vote for @joebiden is a vote for a racist, homophobic, moronic, and downright evil scum.

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15. We sluiten af met dit mooie plaatje.


Lees ook: Account maakt opvallend statement tegen racisme ‘zo lang het nodig is’


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