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Twitter wants Ernie to keep the noise down for Bert

1 minuut lezen

Practice makes perfect – especially if you want to master a musical instrument. That’s what Sesame Street’s Ernie must have thought as well when he went ahead to practice his bugle skills in the evening. Bert isn’t so pleased, though…


1. Every amateur musician needs to practice to keep up their skill up, and Ernie is no different.


2. Bert, however, is not having it.


3. You can’t blame him when you see where Ernie is actually practicing.


4. The people are on his (bed)side.


5. Ernie is getting a stern talking to.


6. It’s not just Bert he’s bothering with it.


7. Awkwardly, a few people misread Ernie’s tweet a little bit…


8. That would give this interaction a whole different meaning…


9. But fortunately, Ernie has some support.


10. And, well, if Nick’s timetable checks out…


And if it bothers Bert so much, maybe he can learn this neat little trick from Ernie…


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