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Twitter users are sharing the drunkest they’ve ever been in six words

2 minutes reading time

We all do embarrassing things when we’re drunk. But don’t worry, chances are you didn’t do anything nearly as bad as the people below…


1. This tweet from Vice was suddenly rediscovered by people over the weekend, and people chimed in to tell their six-word stories.


2. Let’s just hope it was meant for a big dog.


3. Ouch.


4. Sounds like an inkredible night.


5. That’s what you get when you sing a lullaby during karaoke.


6. Very trippy.


7. This is top-level embarrassing.


8. A classic.


9. If you do this on important mail, urine trouble…


10. Sometimes alcohol can give you superhuman strength.


11. That’s one way to spice up your wardrobe.


12. You did it!


13. That is… a lot of wrongs.


14. And finally, this is just impressive.


Well done, everybody. Drunk high-five!
drunk season 13 GIF by Geordie Shore


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