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Twitter is rolling its eyes at Doritos for their new, not crunching chips for women

2 minuten lezen

Brands launch new product lines all the times. Doritos is the next one to give it a try, but whether this new line of chips is going to be a succes…


1. The news broke today.


2. And people are… confused.


3. Even most men know this.


4. We’ll get there one day… maybe.


5. She has the right equipment.


6. It’s an inventive way of doing so, that’s for sure.


7. Some people would’ve liked these new lady chips sooner.


8. The answer may surprise you.


9. Because… you see?


10. Like this.


11. Are you happy now, Doritos?


12. Some insight into the process:


13. Mujahed found a preview.


14. This is probably what it will come down to.


15. Men are already feeling the pressure on their masculinity.




17. Beat that, Doritos.


18. We’ve come so far.


Well done, Doritos!

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