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This Instagram famous hotspot in Bali turns out to be a shattered dream

3 minuten lezen

The ‘Gates of Heaven’ in Bali are the ultimate hotspot for a worthy holiday picture. If you type in ‘Pura Lempuyang Luhur’ as location on Instagram, you will find a lot of posts. However, there turns out to be an ugly truth behind this picture perfect location..


1. The Instagramposts look like this.



2. Obviously, the place looks like a dream. Especially the perfect reflection in the water.



3. But wait, what? That looks pretty weird…



4. This viral tweet of Polina explains the ugly truth.ย 


5. Is this shattered dream the ‘fault’ of Influencers? Let’s say it’s more of a tourism trick in our social media age.


6. Visitors feel like a catifsh out of water.


7. But even without the mirror, the place is still breathtaking.


8. So if you’re planning on visiting Bali, don’t expect this illusory lake…



9. … but more of a tiny puddle.


Comic Sans used in real life is something you’ll never get used to


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