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This dog rescue uses hilarious movie poster parodies to promote adoption events

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In some countries, dogs are unfortunately not only man’s best friend, but also their best food. South Korea is one of these countries where dogs are featured on menus. Korean K9 Rescue is a New York-based organization that helps save dogs from the Korean meat trade and find them a loving home. To help do this good work, they use their Instagram account in an amazing way.


1. The Korean K9 Rescue’s Instagram is filled with adorable pictures and videos of the dogs they’ve rescued and are ready to be adopted.



2. They hold special events to find a good home for the pups, and they found a hilarious way to get people’s attention.



3. Not only are they showing off their adorable doggos, but they also show their love for classic movies.



4. And, of course, dog puns.



5. They’re very well done.



6. How could you resist?



7. They find the perfect name for every event.



7. So, please adopt them before they escape…



Thanks for the tip, Kelly!


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