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This designer takes your photoshop requests way too literal

4 minuten lezen

James Fridman is a British graphic designer who works a lot with Photoshop. On Twitter, he shares simple photoshop requests  he took way too literal. His channel now has more than 1.5 million followers.

by: Jan


1. James is very on point with his photoshop-skills.


2. Much better…


3. His video editing skills are on point too.


4. Who needs an upper body?


5. Serving face.


6. What an angel.


7. They look so good now!


8. You did not say you wanted to be edited in the new picture…


9. Show your teeth.


10. I love to have bigger arms.


11. Very romantic.


12. That sign isn’t only for show…


13. You don’t look crazy at all.


14. People should hold hands more often.


15. This is absolutely his best work.


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