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Starbucks barista shares customer’s insane coffee order and goes viral

2 minuten lezen

It can be nice to switch up your coffee order every now and then. Add a little something extra. A splash of milk, some syrup, maybe a bit of whipped cream on top. Some people, however, take this way too far…


1. It starts with this tweet by stunned Starbucks employee Jessica Lynn.



2. Good lord.


3. It’s way cheaper than it looks.


4. So this is what the monstrosity actually looks like…


5. This was bound to happen.


6. It inspires other baristas to share their own crazy order stories – and pictures.


7. Is it even recognizable as coffee at that point?



8. If you put a barista through this… at least leave them a tip.


9. These people do need to be confronted about their behavior.


10. And finally, Sarah brings up an interesting point.


Why would you put a barista through this? It doesn’t need to be this hard…

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