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People are amazed by the helmets of Olympic skeleton athletes

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The Olympics have delivered us plenty of spectacular moments so far. Skeleton, sliding down a on a tiny sled at breakneck speeds, turned out to have one of these eye-catching features. It turns out that the athletes like to wear very special helmets to make them look even more dangerous as they glide downward…


1. Why would you slide head first down a hill and not look badass?

These helmets can make it a lot easier for you to tell where the athletes are from.


2. The Canadians are going all out.


3. The guy with the rib cage helmet takes skeleton a little too seriously.


4. Ghana and Italy try to intimidate their competition.

5. Team Great Britain is hungry for medals. Hungry like a, well…


6. These are just bonkers.


7. The biggest hit by far, though, is Iron Man – who turns out to be South Korean.


8. He’s even more heroic this way.


9. Not only did he win the hearts of everyone watching, he also won the actual gold medal.


You sure did, mr. Stark.

iron man marvel GIF


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