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Non-fan tries to name all Avengers: Infinity War characters with amazing results

3 minuten lezen

No worries, this is a spoiler-free blog. So sit back and get ready to laugh.


1. Gabrielle had a fun challenge for her wife, and wow… did she deliver.



2. This is the visionary who needs to be hired by Marvel ASAP.


3. No, Brenda, they’re laughing WITH you.



4. Let’s take a good look at her work.




5. Obviously, Twitter is loving it.


6. She was so close.


7. This just feels right.


8. This one was written in the cards…


9. Same.


10. Brenda’s effort is even approved by Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn himself.



11. And, obviously…



When she saw all the characters she didn’t know yet…


Thanks for the tip, Ruben!


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