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Man is losing it over the encounter his parents are having on the train

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For many of us, sport is a hobby. Take football per example: it’s played and watched by loads and loads of people across the entire globe. But, as it turns out, not everybody shares this particular hobby. This son is unsuspectedly texting his parents when he discovers they are on a train with his heroes. He shares the hilarious story with Twitter.


1. Nate builds up the tension.


2. He loves sport.


3. His family… apparently not so much.


4. Nate is a huge fan of football.


5. But the family doesn’t share this passion, and his parents are in England for his fathers job.


6.Β They always respond with a great lack of enthusiasm whenever he tries to convince them to watch a match.


7. Nate then discovers he has some new messages from his parents.


8.Β They are on a train and are annoyed with a group of men seated behind them.


9. Eventually one of the men apologizes and asks if they would like to take a picture. His dad doesn’t quite understand the question…


10. But then the man asks if they would like a picture with him in it. Dad accepts without a clue.


11. Well Nate, do you?


12. It is none other than professional football player Paul Pogba himself.Β 


13.Β At this point Nate is losing it.


14. He is a bit overwhelmed by it all.


15. The loud and annoying men turn out to be the worlds most famed football team.


16.Β Nate still can’t believe that his ‘adorable muppets’ don’t recognize the players.


17. He tweets some screenshots of the conversation as proof.


18. In the end, his parents were apparently still not impressed.

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