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Lidl created a new zodiac based on bread and it’s totally accurate

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We’re all born under a certain star sign, whether you believe in astrology or not – Western, Chinese, or otherwise. Well, it’s time to throw those in the garbage, because Lidl just announced the one true zodiac: The Zodiac of Bread. Check out your obviously accurate sign below.


1. Let’s just start at the beginning.

Louise tried to burn Emily with it, but it rolled right off her shoulder.


2. Everyone treasures the warm touch of sun in February.


3. Marching on to the next month…


4. Being born in April is not a pain at all.


5. Warning: May contain traces of puns.


6. Some of these are a little cheesy, but to be fair, so is the original zodiac.


7. Is this one accurate? Don’t July.


8. Stay positive. It’s pecan, not pecan’t.


9. A tip: read this one in a Super Mario voice.


10. You’re also at your best when you’re heated up a bit.


11. Fun fact: this is what Katy Perry was singing about.


12. If you were born in December and have a muffin top: it’s not your fault.

Well, what can we say besides…

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