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Hurricane Florence has a special shape and Americans just can’t help themselves

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Apparently, Hurricane Tracker just wanted to update their Facebook community on the effects of Hurricane Florence. But they might have missed something …

1. How about a little dick pic from your local weather forecaster?

2. Dirty jokes incoming …3 …2 …1.

3. Uhhmmm, is everybody ok with this?

4. How about you, North Carolina? Feeling it?

5. Well, at least Florence has taken safety precautions.

6. But is it even Florence? Or maybe Floyd?

7. Anyway, North Carolina probably won’t get a chance to resist.

8. But wait, let’s get the numbers straight.

9. And let’s think about the unpleasant consequences of these news.

10. Or maybe pleasant, depending on the perspective.

11. Anyway, these post-reactions are nothing but epic.

12. So let’s cherish them until really bad news hit the shore.

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