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Girls share the not so Insta worthy pictures their boyfriends took of them

3 minuten lezen

Love is.. taking cute pictures of each other. However, sometimes it seems that boyfriends are not as into taking insta worthy photos as their girlfriends… And that sucks, right ladies? This article on Bored Panda shows the difference between ‘how she takes pictures’ and how ‘he takes pictures’. This is proof that guys really need to step up their game..


1. ‘Honey, can you take a picture of me please?’ 


2. ‘Ahw thanks babe… wait what?’



3. ‘How can I give you this… 


4. ‘… and you give me this?!’ 


5. Rule #1: don’t take pictures while eating. 



6. Rule #2: don’t take pictures like this. 


7. Rule #3: just.. try a little harder.


8. Rule #4: avoid blur please, that’s just basic stuff.  


9. Rule #5: don’t take pictures while talking. 


10. Rule #6: don’t forget rule #1. 


11. Oh it’s just hopeless. 


12. If even rule #1 is way too hard.. 


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