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DJ duo Yellow Claw will give fan free tickets under one generous condition

2 minuten lezen

People ask brands and artists for free stuff all the time. Free food, free tickets, you name it. When Richa from Atlanta made such a request to Dutch DJ duo Yellow Claw, the DJs were happy to give her some tickets… under one condition.


1. Richa and her friend really want to go to Yellow Claw’s gig on Friday, but unfortunately…



2. Yellow Claw saw her tweet, and decided to make her work for it – in the best kind of way.


3. Rich is happy to take that challenge, and starts with Von and Xan.


4. And then she helped out the very thankful Terry.


5. And the people are loving the generosity.


6. And while the DJs are yet to respond, Richa is happy either way.



Well done, Yellow Claw and Richa!


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