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Chicago is planning the weirdest Facebook events around their Bean monument

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One of Chicago’s biggest tourist attractions is the ‘Cloud Gate’ sculpture in Millennium Park. Because of its shape, it’s nicknamed ‘The Bean.’ Citizens of Chicago love making fun of them, as you can see in these bizarre Facebook events they have planned for it.


1. It’s getting a little stubbly.


2. In case you thought these weren’t going to be that weird


3. This would honestly be an improvement.


4. It’s Beanmageddon.


5. It’s just doing its best, guys.


6. If you need to vent all your frustrations from 2018, this is the place to be.


7. This is a lot of Chicago in one very ambitious event.


8. Get ready for the weirdest promposal video you’ve ever seen.


9. You have to start somewhere, right?


10. How else will we know if it’s a witch?


11. It’s not actually a big app…  never mind.


12. New York isn’t the only place Chicagoans want to move it to.


13. That emoji is not very reassuring… 


14. That’ll show them.


15. Get healthy in 2018.


16. And finally, because it could use some rest after all those crazy events…


End of blog, Bean out.

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