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Never a dull moment: Ashlie decides to go full glam for vaccination

2 minuten lezen

It’s been a very long time for all of us since we were able to dress up and go out to party. Ashlie Atkinson however shows us that you don’t need a party or any big event for that matter to dress up. She decided to wear a sequin full-length gown to get her Covid vaccination and Twitter is loving it.


1. Ashlie tweeted the following after getting ready for her vaccination.


2. Before posting some more evidence, she highlights some of her accessories.


3. And here it is: PROOF!


4. Soon people started sharing the outfits of their own vaccination.


5. And many more compliments follow.


6. And like this person says, the vaccinators would probably love this too.


7. And that turns out to be very true.


8. And besides an amazing story, Ashlie also shares a lot of love.


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Lust geen koffie, maar ijskoffie dan weer wel. Hockeyt al zo lang ze zich kan…

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