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American Police shows self-mockery with dramatic tweet after donut accident

2 minuten lezen

These officers came across one of their biggest nightmares on the side of the road. A bus filled with donuts partly caught on fire and, as we all know, donuts are the favourite snacks of American Police officers (at least according to the stereotype). They tweet pictures of the heartbreaking accident and instantly receive a lot of love and support from other police forces, which provokes a lot of funny reactions on Twitter.


1. This is just tragic.


2. The New Yorkers also feel te pain.


3. It can only go up from here.


4. The helpless calls are even heard across the Atlantic Ocean.


5. Some officers experience truly awful things.


6. Thank goodness there’s other good officers to make sure the Lexington officers don’t experience a donut-draught.


7. The chocolate sprinkles could possibly lead to the main suspect.


8. The police force from Lexington knows, apart from dealing with donuts, how to use Twitter, that’s for sure.


9. We’re closing with this compassionate tweet from the UK Police.


Thanks for the tip, Onno!


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